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If you are searching for a professional gardening services in Missouri area, then Flower Missouri is the right place for your garden. Interacting with our team is a satisfaction as they are friendly and educated. You check out our stunning display yards during the period.

You can trust our people to treat you right and offer you advice to be successful in your gardening adventure. We like plants and also individuals and genuinely desire you to be effective in your gardening as well as decorating efforts. We have experienced professional Licensed Missouri Nurserymen who can position the right plant in the right area for your maximum success. You will certainly check at Flower Missouri’s relaxing, enjoyable, and also directly fulfilling as we strive to make your initiatives enjoyable as well as your work light.


In an effort to help you have the best garden, planting and landscape possible, Flower Missouri’s is providing a Garden Services to all of our customers.



Landscape professionals can discover plants, trees, rock as well as bulk items for every single project here at Blossom Missouri! For tax obligation exempt standing or buying price cuts, please contact your favored Flower Missouri location to use.


We provide one of the largest plant choices in Missouri. We have an abundance of one-of-a-kind plant selections that will prosper in our growing problems, as well as we assure that you are getting healthy and balanced, fresh and rich plants.

Garden Consultation

Upgrading your garden? Striving for a new design? Invite a Flower Missouri professional to visit your project and also provide you plant as well as design suggestions. A garden consultation will certainly begin your prospering garden.

Lawn Care

Having your lawn effectively & consistently mowed is among the most essential things to do to keep it healthy. Correctly cut grass will certainly have fewer weeds, hold moisture better, have a higher tension tolerance.

Pruning and Hedge Trimming

Have you heard about hedge cutting service in Mexico, MO? A firm providing this service is the answer to your lawn upkeep issues. Because you are as well active with your job, as well as no one else in your household is able or has the moment to do it.

Weed and Pest Control

Gardeners spend most of their time doing an extreme amount of weed removal. Early when you was initially getting included with plants, or your yard it may seem as a rather fun task, but it will certainly not take long for this job come to be a dragged out task.


Flower Missouri is an established and premium full-service garden services firm. Since 1995, the skilled and experienced craftsmen of Flower Missouri team have created high quality landscapes throughout Missouri.

Roberta Bradley

Roberta Bradley

General Manager
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Rudy Park

Office Manager
Dwayne Henderson

Dwayne Henderson

Nursery Professional



Flower Missouri’s goal has actually always been to offer the best high quality service at a affordable price.

Many greenhouses was integrated in 2016 and also Flower Missouri has been growing gradually ever since. Flower Missouri currently has a total amount of 8 greenhouses to expand the broad variety of perennials, annuals, roses, natural herbs, Easter lilies, vegetables, water plants, garden mums, poinsettias, shrubs and trees.


Garden Maintenance

Water Gardening

Land Maintance

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Flower Missouri began their little, family-owned farm market in 1995 where they expanded as well as marketed vegetables such as melons, sweet corn & tomatoes to the local and public companies. Ten years later their small business has grown up into a greenhouse and also garden facility.


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